A Happening.......

December 2015

....... The Waiting .......
by Lemuel

 The Waiting The Waiting  The Waiting   The Waiting   The Waiting   The Waiting

On Saturday 12 December 2015 we had the pleasure of presenting for the first time in Liverpool The Waiting, an installation  by the British artist Lemuel.

Twelve tents, illuminated only by torchlight filled the Corke Gallery for five hours only, some tents remained lit whilst others were plunged into darkness as the batteries faded.

The Waiting is working with the idea of time, its passing and uses with references to events taking place in our lives we cannot affect.  

This was an opportunity to just walk on by or take a moment to think and ponder about the lives of others - lives now encased in tents - for how long ..... no one knows. 

What lies within, what dreams have been trapped and what will be the fate of those who for now only have temporary structures like these to call home.

The show event was jointly curated by Tomas Ebringer and Nic Corke of the Corke Gallery.