If you are unable to visit the gallery during normal opening hours (Wednesday - Friday between 1pm - 5pm)  and are interested in viewing or purchasing any of the paintings please call 07773 287827.

This exhibition brings together three painters who featured in the 2014 John Moores Painting Prize Exhibition.

Mandy Payne, a prize winner in 2014 was selected again to feature in the 2016 JMP Exhibition.  Her painting ‘No Ball Games Here’, of Spring Hill in Sheffield, is on the poster promoting the current JMP Exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery.

Each artist in the Corke Gallery Exhibition makes use of ubiquitous and often found materials of their post-industrial urban landscape – concrete, aerosol paints, rubbish, cigarette packets, crisp packets, paper advertising – as substrate or media, source material or reference.

It could be seen as the perfect recycling cycle, making use of the discarded and useless outpourings of the city. But this is no mere exercise in decorative ‘making do’. There is meaning here in the act of painting and how painters paint now when it would seem that everything has been painted and painted in every possible way.  

Essentially, the three painters in this exhibition ask a question about the places they live and work in, the cities of Sheffield and Hull: that question is ‘how do we dwell?’

The Private View is being supported by Cultural Wine and I look forward to welcoming you on Friday 29 July 2016 between 7pm – 9pm. Paul and Mandy will be attending the Private View should you wish to meet them to discuss their work.

This is the first of the Biennial Fringe exhibitions at the Corke Gallery to feature John Moores Painting Prizes winners – the next exhibition, ’10 Years After’, features new work by Martin Greenland who won the John Moores Painting Prize in 2006.  The Private View for that exhibition of new paintings is Thursday 15 September 2016 from 7pm to 9pm.

August 2016
Ernesto Muniz who is represented by the Corke Gallery has arrived in Liverpool and is currently creating a new collection of collages for his exhibition which opens in August 2016 at the Corke Gallery and for  another exhibition in Madrid, Spain in October 2016.

 As part of its commitment to forging links with international artists the Corke Gallery has sponsored Ernesto and brought him to the UK. Ernesto has previously shown at the Corke Gallery in 2010 and 2012 and has recently had exhibitions in San Jose in the USA and Mexico City.

September 2016
Its 10 years since \Martin Greenland won the John Moores Painting Prize so the Corke Gallery will be curating an exhibition of his new work in September 2016.