Street, Contemporary & Fine
Wed 18 March - Fri 3 April 2015
featuring a diverse range of artworks by

John Afflick
      John Afflick Constable The Hay Wain John Afflick Vermeer LacemakerJohn Afflick Caravaggio Basket of Fruit John Afflick Van Gogh Sunflowers 

Angie Clarke
Angie Clarke Cherry Trees  Angie Clarke Summer Flowers  Angie Clarke Autumn  Angie Clarke Winter

Peter Philip
John Philip Card Players Peter Philip Morris Minor Pter Philip Futurist Cinema Lime Street Peter Philip Road to Emaus 
Peter Philip Chimpanzies Peter Philip Africa Rhino Pwter Philip Orangutan 

Lisa Cole Kronenburg
Lisa Cole Kronenburg Break Lisa Cole Kronenburg Konza Lisa Cole Kronenburg Range Lisa Cole Kronenburg The Border Lisa Cole Kronenburg The Ridge

Matthew Mortimer

Terry Duffy, Jon Pountain, Ernesto Muniz, Aurel Tar, Lisa Cole Kronenburg,
Daniel John, Simon A Yorke, Josie Jenkins, Paul Gent, Paul Bennett, John Vesty,
Matthew Mortimer, Jefferson Waters, Lynette Kay, Andy Brewin, Felice Beilin & Roland Keogh

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Corke Art Gallery portfolio of artists include: Martin GreenlandPaul BennettHuw Lewis JonesLisa Cole KronenburgGeorge Cannon, Paul Gent, Ken Bullock   John Vesty, Peter Macaulay, Josie Jenkins & Lynette Kay. Sculpture by Paul Gatenby and collages by Ernesto Muniz

Please call 07773 287827 to make an appointment to see the exhibition outside normal opening hours.