March 2011 - 'roots' by LJMU Fine Art Students

Tuesday 22 March - Saturday 2 April 2011


Angharad Rhys, Lois Rogers, Will Facer & Reuben Barr

Private Review: Tuesday 22nd March 2011, 6pm – 8pm

(please email to request tickets for the Private View)

'roots' is a joint exhibition displaying the works of four 2nd year fine art students from liverpool john moores university, which features a diverse celebration of medias including textiles, illustration, sculpture, photography, and digital compositions, exploring the theme of roots."i explore my welsh roots through a mixture of medias within my work, suchas welsh text and traditional craft methods; the experience of living in wales isan obvious influence. i also bring an element of my current sWTormdingsfrom the city environment into my works."angharad rhys. march 2011

"my work derives from how images are used to convey messages, how they show emotion and how our perception of images can be affected by motion and movement. i feel that life is like a ticking clock and it's important for me to capture each moment whether it be still or moving.» lois rogers. march 2011

"my work is illustrative and relates to the human condition. the workis tongue-in-cheek, melodramatic and has no set definition, although i like tothink it's in some way reflective of my ego or perceived self"reuben barr. mar ch 2011

"as a new student moving from a small town in cheshi1'e, m_y work has been heavily inspired by my new rootswithin the liverpool city landscape. in this collection i have used photography and digital manipulation to create aseries oJphoto-montages that convey a narrative within the diverse cityscape."will facer. feb 2011

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