"This exhibition is a personal record of places visited, a record shared with only a few until now.

I love drawing from the environment and compare myself to a musician playing from the score.

I play the landscape music onto my paper and trust the viewer hears the tune."

Peter Moore March 2019


As an art educator with many years' experience, Peter Moore has always maintained his personal interest in his craft. Peter considers drawing to be the life-blood of any artist and as such has kept to this discipline throughout his professional life. Rather than "technical" drawing exercises done in isolation he has set about recording places visited which combined technique with expression within a visual diary. Occasionally he emphasises the expressive elements through free drawing and abstraction.

For ease of travel, Peter's main medium has been ink and wash. A normal fountain pen filled with ink is accompanied by a water-brush (whose handle holds water) to produce wash-like qualities. The ink in his pen often breaks into constituent shades when water is applied. It is deemed "black" but separates into various colours from which the "black" ink is made. The ink manufacturing process, the amount of wash applied and the watercolour paper used affect the results in subtle and surprising ways. Other times he uses resist processes combined with waterproof Indian Ink or fine-line pens.

Peter Moore was brought up in the Wirral and attended St. Anselm's College in Birkenhead. He was then accepted into the Laird School of Art, Birkenhead, followed by the Liverpool College of Art. His post-graduate certificate in education was done at Manchester College of Art. He had six years training in all.

His first teaching post was in a Warrington Secondary School followed by a Lectureship at Warrington College of Art. In 1968 he was offered a Senior Lectureship at Christ's College, now the Liverpool Hope University. Peter was on their payroll for fifty years. His last twenty years were the part-time post with "Teaching the Eye to See" art group which flourishes to this day.

Examining posts at various Universities were undertaken as well national courses for the UK Government. Teaching intervals followed in Nigeria and the State University of New York, USA. Peter was also President of the National Society for Education in Art and Design and holds two fellowships of the Society.




Internationally exhibited Liverpool based artist Jason Jones, former Gallery Manager of Liverpool Hope University's Cornerstone Gallery, has returned to his practice after an eight year break.

After graduating in 1998 Jason undertook a seven year period of romantic, gestural, atmospheric and introspective analysis of paint as a medium, producing a vigorous and rapid succession of themed portfolios of work, all underpinned by sub-contexts of the chaotic, harmony and contrast.

In 2004 Jason started using the knowledge and techniques he had developed for applying paint to the contemporary male figure. This culminated in him being included in the 2010 international publication "100 Artists of the Male Figure'.

Professional Work commitments, post-graduate educational investigations and family priorities contributed to Jason's focus elsewhere until his return to his painterly practice in August 2018.

Jason originally envisaged his return to painting as a slow process of re-education and recapturing techniques once developed before building a themed body of work. What quickly emerged was the start of a new collection reflecting his thoughts and aspirations developed during the last eight years.

What is evident within this small collection of new work on offer is that Jason has retained his trademark gestural and descriptive mark making skills as well as his documented innate use of colour. The approach of these new paintings draws upon inspiration of and compositional studies of the epic biblical paintings by John Martin, atmospheric sci-fi film noir cinematography, emotional responses to musical compositions and most importantly, the process of and response within the act of applying paint - paintings about painting.

The exhibited works presented offer a glimpse of what to expect as Jason's practice re-emerges.



Acrylic on canvas, 2018122cm x 90cm£1,650


Acrylic on canvas, 201888cm x 67cm£1,450


Acrylic on canvas, 2018122cm x 90cm£1,650

Beneath II

Acrylic on canvas, 2018122cm x 90cm£1,650


Acrylic on canvas, 2018122cm x 90cm£1,650


Acrylic on canvas, 2018122cm x 90cm£1,650

Landscape Study I

Acrylic on paper, 201820.7cm x 20.7cm£300

Landscape Study II

Acrylic on paper20.5cm x 14cm£250

Landscape Study III

Acrylic on paper12.6cm x 8.2cm£150

Landscape Study IV

Acrylic on paper20.9cm x 15.2cm£250


Acrylic on canvas, 2018122cm x 90cm£1,650


Acrylic on canvas, 2018170.5cm x 114.6cm£2,650

Corke Gallery opened its final Independents Biennial Festival Show on Saturday 13 October 2018 with a collection of paintings by UK and Chinese Prize Winners from the John Moores Painting Prize (JMPP).

To mark the 60th year of the JMPP at the Walker Art Gallery the Corke Gallery was delighted to be one of its sponsors because it forms a key strand of the Liverpool Biennial. The exhibition at the Corke Gallery runs until Friday 30 November 2018 and is open 10am – 2pm from Thursday to Saturday.

This is the first time an exhibition featuring several paintings by five JMPP prize winners has taken place and provides a broader insight into the individual artists themes and practices.

Curated by Nic Corke, from the Corke Gallery, past winners from the UK and China include:

Martin Greenland the 2006 JMPP Winner

Nicholas Middleton, twice winner of the JMPP Visitor’s Choice Prize in 2006 and 2010

Xueqing Zhong, the JMPP China 2018 Winner

Duan Xiaogang, JMPP China 2018 Prize Winner

Huo Xumin, JMPP China 2018 Prize Winner

The show features a diverse range of oil painting, from small detailed black and white studies to huge canvasses that dominate the walls and the viewer.

Imaginary landscapes from the UK and China demand the viewer’s attention and continue to reveal more and more the longer you look.

Alternatively abstract and semi abstract works combining broad confident brushwork with architectonic constructions which challenge the laws of perspective and stimulate the senses with a striking cacophony of colour.

Professor Ling Min (Shanghai University and trustee of the John Moores Liverpool Exhibition Trust , Nic Corke and Lang Shuilong winner of the John Moores Painting Prize China 2016 at Corke Gallery in front of paintings by Xueqing Zhong and Huo Xumin.

All paintings below are for sale - please call 07773 287827 for details


Martin GreenlandOil on canvas 2017 90.5cm x 121cm£12,500

In the Primate House

Nicholas MiddletonOil on canvas, 2009104cm x 152cm£9,000

Green Fruit

Xueqing Zhong Oil on canvas, 2018 160cm x 160cm£3,000

A Seated Man

Xueqing Zhong Oil on canvas 160cm x 160cm£2,500

Untitled No. 1

Duan Xiaogang Oil on canvas, 201850cm x 50cm£1,000

Untitled No.2

Duan Xiaogang Acrylic on canvas, 2018100cm x 120cm£3,000

Waiting for the Rain IV

Huo XuminAcrylic on canvas, 2017 155cm x 180cm£4,600

Waiting for the Rain VI

Huo XuminAcrylic on canvas, 2017 150cm x 180cm£4,500

Waiting for the Rain VII

Huo XuminAcrylic on canvas, 2018 125cm x 180cm£4,000

Waiting for the Rain VII

Huo XuminAcrylic on canvas, 2018 120cm x 180cm£4,600

Rain, Clearing from the West

Martin GreenlandOil on canvas, 2018 82cm x 61cm£6,500

Retreat - Returning

Martin GreenlandOil on canvas, 2018 51cm x 71cm£6,500


Martin GreenlandOil on canvas, 2018 61cm x 102cm£8,500

Dry Summer

Martin GreenlandOil on canvas, 2018 48cm x 76cm £6,500

Nameless Hill in September

Martin GreenlandOil on canvas panel, 2015 28cm x 46cm£1,500

Nameless Hill in October

Martin GreenlandOil on primed paper, 201529cm x 44cm£1,500

Combe Diptych No. 1

Martin GreenlandOil on canvas 2018 30.5cm x 26cm£3,500 for pair

Combe Diptych No. 2

Martin GreenlandOil on canvas 2018 30.5cm x 26cm£3,500 for pair

March Italianate

Martin GreenlandOil on canvas, 2017 87cm x 56cm£7,500


Nicholas MiddletonOil on canvas, 2011100cm x 250cm£12,000


Nicholas MiddletonOil on canvas, 2006183cm x 76cm£7,000

Unwanted Beds

Nicholas MiddletonOil on paper, 201110.2cm x 15.2cm£650

Entrance to Communal Living

Nicholas MiddletonOil on canvas, 2009140cm x 142cm£9,000


Nicholas MiddletonOil on canvas, 200281.5cm x 81.5cm£2,500

In the Studio

Nicholas MiddletonOil on canvas, 200581.5cm x 81.5cm£2,500

Extractor Fans

Nicholas MiddletonOil on paper, 201110.2cm x 15.2cm£650


Nicholas MiddletonOil on paper, 201810.2cm x 15.2cm£650

Offices Let

Nicholas MiddletonOil on paper, 201810.2cm x 15.2cm£650

Motive Power

Nicholas MiddletonOil on paper, 201210.2cm x 15.2cm£650


Nicholas MiddletonOil on paper, 201810.2cm x 15.2cm£650


Nicholas MiddletonOil on paper, 201810.2cm x 15.2cm£650

Apartment Block at Dawn

Nicholas MiddletonOil on paper, 2008(Reworked 2014)10.2cm x 15.2cm£650

To place an order for a painting or arrange an appointment to see the paintings outside normal opening times please email nic@corke.net or call 07773 287827