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Christmas Open Show

Tue 14th - Fri 24th December 2010

7 Streets Review

Nicholas Thompson paintings

Visions of Places & People

by Nicholas Thompson

16 - 20 November 2010

Tony Blair

A Sense of Reality Where None is Present

by Frank Moore

9 – 13 November 2010

The eighth show in the Corke Art Gallery’s ‘10 Exhibitions in 10 Weeks’ series is a solo show featuring the latest work by Frank Moore which embraces mythology, history and the present day, combined with references from literature, film and television.

The paintings deal with issues centred on the misuse of power within politics, religion, conflict, the aristocracy and social policy. Using a mixture of different disciplines, the work attempts to be satirical through fictional and non‐fictional representations.

The Human condition has always been of great interest and the paintings aim to represent the sense of disdain and cynicism of the people who wield power.


Val Robinson
Doug Robinson

Liverpool Family Robinson

by Doug & Val Robinson

Tue 2 – Sat 6 November 2010

Landscapes and Views - Past and Present

Landscapes and Views – Past & Present

26 – 30 October 2010

Life In Lino

Life in Lino

by Mike Hatjoullis

Tue 19 – Sat 23 October 2010

John Vesty

Underdressed and Nude

by John Vesty

12th – 16th October 2010


Kate Fielding

Painting Now

by Kate Fielding

5th – 9th October 2010

Abstract Expressionist works by Simon Yorke

Luminosity of Light

by Simon A Yorke

5th – 9th October 2010

Banksy at Outsiders In show
Outsiders In show at Corke Gallery

Liverpool Independents Biennial 2010

'10 Exhibitions in 10 weeks Series'

‘Outsiders’ In (Parts 1 & 2)

Tue 21 – Sat 25 September 2010 (Part 1)

Tues 28 – Sat 2 October 2010 (Part 2)

Featured Artists

3D, Antony Micallef, Banksy, Bast, Beejoir, Mr Brainwash, Conor Harrington, Cyclops, Dale Grimshaw, DOC, Dolk, Eelus, Ernesto Muniz, Faile, Handiedan, HERAKUT, Hush, I-Lib, Invader, Jamie Hewlett, Jamie Reid, Jeremy Geddes, Joe Black, Judith Supine, Julian Kimmings, K Guy, Kaws, Know Hope, Mau Mau, Miss Bugs, Mighty Mo, Nick Walker, Paul Insect, Replete, Sam3, Shepard Fairey, SPQR, The London Police and Word To Mother.

Sola Arts Asylum Seeker & International Artist Show

August 2010

Abstract Watercolours

John Fitchett

August 2010

Love & Hate

by Charlie Frais

July/August 2010


by Ken Bullock

July 2010